What I've replaced mainstream media with

When the conclusion of every single article or television talking point prompts the same question ("what the f*** are you talking about?"), it is time to move on.

THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH in London appears to be resisting the influence of its funders (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) by exposing something that might have ordinarily gone unnoticed. An exclusive nearly two weeks ago confirmed that ‘Independent Sage’ was indeed the sham the sensible among us initially suspected it to be. Not that it would have taken much to discover, but it is a good story about a peculiar body that has agitated for harsher restrictions and aped the worst excesses of the original SAGE, now revealed to be partially organised by the dishonest and discredited left wing media establishment activist Carol Cadwalladr.

Although I cancelled all but one of my twelve legacy media subscriptions during the rona, it wasn’t the endlessly shitty reporting about the virus that did it. In 2019 I was repulsed by the coward George Eaton’s deceitful treatment of the late Roger Scruton - and have never picked up the New Statesman since. Until the Independent Sage story last week I hadn’t read much of the Telegraph either - simply because its chief sports writer Paul Hayward couldn’t help but shoehorn his contempt for Hungary into almost every single article he wrote, even about rugby. Bizarre. Kate Andrews, a shameless Mitt Romney supporter, has contaminated the UK Spectator with her stage 4 TDS - and then there’s the work of Cadwalladr herself, the spectacle of a ‘journalist’ crowdfunding, being humiliated in the courts, forced into grovelling apologies - then playing the victim.

The objective of division is now clear in nearly every single prestige media editorial policy. What’s even clearer is that those tasked with unity are division’s architects - in the ever strengthening link between prestige media and the Democratic establishment, big tech, corporate interests, the subsidy complex led by people like Anthony Fauci as well as activist groups.

Not even this illuminating report on the subject media trust is spared division. The South African section was authored by one Chris Roper, who is himself deeply enmeshed in attacking ideological opponents and alternative news.

My interest in America is not because I find their politics particularly interesting - far from it. But as Andrew Breitbart often remarked: politics is downstream from culture - and cultural trends habitually shift east and from there, drip south. This explains why, in recent years, the likes of Channel 4 and Sky News have aggressively framed the world as a despicable mess of racism and suffering and why a party like the Liberal Democrats is now lobbying for speech controls on campuses. Ultimately, this also explains why so many local South African journalists (Roper included) have enthusiastically warmed to critical race theory (CRT) - despite not being able to determine what it actually means.

To this my suggestions as news substitutes and their respective ideologies (in no particular order):

1. Breaking Points (progressive left meets popular right)

Hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti.

2. The Jimmy Dore Show (progressive left)

Dore describes himself as a ‘pothead garage comedian’. Frequently angry at the state of democracy, he hounds the rent seeking class with brutal coverage.

3. Mark Steyn (libertarian right)


Arguably the most articulate commentator in the world. Blends current events with old showbiz tunes, poetry and history.

4. Glenn Greenwald (progressive left)


The finest journalist of his generation - and well worth $5 a month.

5. Morning Shot (cross section)

Roman Cabanac’s start-up is going from strength to strength and is, without question, the most interesting take on South African current affairs.

6. Joe Rogan (centre leftish)

Most popular podcast in the world. Emphasis on comedy and MMA, but often political / media profiles. Personal favourites among his guests: Tim Dillon, Tulsi Gabbard, James Nestor, Dave Smith, James Lindsay, Forrest Galante, Michael Malice.

7. Viva Frei (libertarian right)

David Freiheit is a Montreal-based litigator turned vlogger. Sometimes co-hosted by US attorney Robert Barnes.

8. Michael Tracey (centre leftish)


Tracey is not far off Greenwald’s style of reporting. Behaves like a true beat journalist - drives around America in a crappy old jalopy looking for stories.

9. The Redscare Podcast (cross section / mildly dirtbag left)


The awkwardness of both Anna and Dasha is alluring.

10. The Brendan O’Neill Show on Spiked.com (left)


A view from the left at the real issues in Britain, and confirmation that Labour is now just a party for Islamic radicals and middle-class London university graduates.