The Taliban have painted over the mural of George Floyd in Kabul

As the vestigial tail of ‘nation building’ fizzles out, Kabul’s residents will no longer have to entertain the sight of activist-left hero / career-criminal - and his alleged last words. They have decreed that Mr. Floyd - who has hundreds if not thousands of murals and statues, er, “celebrating” him in America, Britain and certain EU countries (Belgium - obviously) - has neither relevance nor influence (not two months ago, a mural of Mr. Floyd was struck by lightning in Ohio). Mr Floyd’s death prompted waves of both spontaneous and mischievously orchestrated riots, looting and protests across the world. Race relations plummeted, and premium frauds such as Robin d’Angelo and Jack Dorsey-financed Ibram Kendi (born Henry Rogers) have sucked blood from the opportunity. The culture of defunding the police in America has led to the poorest African American communities buckling under the weight of violent crime. The role of Critical Race Theory (in its applications as a teaching methodology and a mandatory course for teachers themselves) shreds schools and parents and school-parent relationships to pieces. Yet even with its (by its own admission) primitive grasp, the Taliban decision-making body that determined Mr. Floyd hold no position in Afghani consciousness, could well have examined the world since May 2020, shaken its head, issued the paintbrushes then asked aloud: “Hans, are we the baddies?”