The only thing worse than being woke is being pretend-woke

The G7 summit in Cornwall has been a disaster for Britain’s Prime Minister - and common sense.

AS MUCH AS I ADMIRE the Queen, seldom has winning the room come easier in her enduring reign than it did in Cornwall this weekend. But emerging as the only class in the joint shifted any potential emphasis on the desperate state of some of the attending leaders. 

There was the obviously senile, allegedly corrupt and possibly racist President Joe Biden, who was clearly waxing out the hours of sham performative elbow-bumping on the maximum advised adult dosage of Adderall. Then there was Fidel Castro’s alleged son, Justin Trudeau, whose presence there was only possible thanks to the jarring incompetence of the official opposition in Canada. No politician in recent history has armed his opponents as handsomely as Trudeau did when photos of him blacked-up circulated in 2019. But all Canada’s ‘conservatives’ managed to secure from controversy was an apology non-apology. And whilst Mrs. Carrie ‘Caster Semenya’ Johnson and ‘Dr’ Jill Biden played with the former’s small son, Caster’s husband and Britain’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was out polluting the famously clean air:

“We are building back better together, and building back greener, and building back fairer, and building back more equal, and in a more gender neutral and more feminine way. How about that.”

Boris actually uttered these words. Just shy of 40 years ago he was telling his contemporaries at Oxford that he didn’t bother masturbating as there was a steady supply of willing sexual partners. How did this happen? 

Whereas Mr. Meghan Markle absorbs nearly all the discussion about surrendered males and ambitious wives, much less is said about Caster. The daughter of a former editor of the Independent, Caster was dating The Sun’s political editor Harry Cole before she upgraded (the jilted Cole’s reporting on the early romance between Caster and Boris was uncharitable). 

Caster quickly identified that green, like marxism disguised as ‘science’, is an effective way to hack the traditional power model and bypass elections; she owes her now considerable stature to this approach. Before her marriage to Boris some weeks ago, she had successfully outmaneuvered No.10’s former resident psychopath, Dominic Cummings: the team that now surrounds the Prime Minister is said to be tightly controlled by Caster. 

So if Boris does not believe the garbage that erupted from his mouth on Friday, how did it get there? The evidence points to Harry Newman, an advisor to Boris who is reportedly Caster’s best friend. Like her, Newman is apparently keen on Greta Thunberg and that loose set of confusing and deranged ideas sometimes referred to as ‘the green new deal’. Allied to the trans movement, he is rumored to be a chronic leaker.

If Newman prepared those words just to make two of Johnson’s guests feel welcome, he has united his country in repulsion of the language. He doesn’t need to look far to see where else it has recently been spoken: in the common room of Magdalen College, Oxford, where a group led by a spoilt (white) American computer science graduate have just voted to have a portrait of the Queen removed (ostensibly on the grounds she represents ‘recent colonialism’). In Britain’s sclerotic NHS, who has just had to recall a blood libel-esque ‘dictionary’ containing slurs against white people. In the National Trust and British Library, once two of the country’s most admired institutions, now contaminated beyond rescue by BLM. They speak this language in Stonewall, the once pioneering civil rights activist made mad by the trans issue, in the BBC, in SAGE and now, on the football and rugby pitches. And the crowd boos in response. 

There are two ways this ends. If Caster’s influence is widening to the point where her politically cuckolded husband starts surrendering more language in the hope of extracting concessions, then we truly are in immeasurable trouble. The other way is less likely - but cautions some optimism: the truly woke - the radicals and academics starting these fires - will unlikely ever welcome Boris, and his attempts to muscle in on their obsessions would probably drive them crazy - to the point where they start attacking each other. Increasingly it looks like an unintentional accident is the only way this madness will ever be broken. 

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