The jarring stupidity of Gun Free SA

Just like our present scientism insect overlords, Gun Free SA demands that communities it knows nothing about adopt its sweeping policies.

APPROXIMATELY ONE HOUR AGO, with the police completely overwhelmed and parts of KZN and Gauteng still crackling, the organization known as Gun Free SA chose to go all out Duchess of Sussex on us. On its Twitter feed, it made a series of claims about trauma and healing, reminiscent of the theatrical accounts of January 6th in Washington made by Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Despite being a significant distance from the events that day, the protestors - most of whom were politely admitted into the building by Capitol Complex security - apparently terrified her, so she’s very publically committed to seeking therapy for the rest of her life.

Gun Free SA, linked by funding and personnel to The Open Society Foundations, are a particularly menacing bunch, who practice the Jeffrey Sachs variant of imperialism in that they are well paid to go to places they are not familiar with - then tell people there what the bloody hell they should be thinking. Interrogated, they parrot the (inapplicable) examples of the United Kingdom’s decision to ban all handguns in 1996 and Australia’s gun reform laws that same year to substantiate their activism - along with a series of ridiculous Twitter polls that exceed parody’s standard limits. Stripped of its layers, Gun Free SA is no more than a combination of SAGE, “fact checkers”, News24’s editorial team and Oxfam’s interpretation of capitalism (there is no evidence to suggest that Gun Free SA are buggering the very people they are supposed to be looking after).

If we are to purchase Gun Free SA’s vision and apply it to the past 72 hours, then communities should not be permitted to protect themselves from violent looting, and should thus surrender. The same narrative accompanied America’s summer of violence, in which we were told by prestige media titles that the word “looting” was itself racist, that everything stolen in the rampages was insured - and that a desire for “social justice” formed the basis of the mayhem.

For as long as it remains out of sight from the more annoying of the Wojcicki sisters at YouTube, I recommend my friend Martin Durkin’s new documentary below. Martin has some fascinating credentials: a working-class lad from Newcastle, he was a student Marxist before he ventured into film making - which prompted his shift in course. Pay particular attention to the most unpopular theory in the world: welfare - not guns - destroy lives. The cycle of dependence as initiated by US Democrats in the 1960s has defenestrated initiative and imagination, resulting in the generational social chaos of inner-city ghettos. But as the events in South Africa have determined, firearms have afforded citizens the re-assurance and protections the state is incapable of.

*Note: I do apologize for the absence - it’s not the rona, just the day job. I aim to resume normal service within the next few weeks.