California postcard

Since 2017 Orange County has technically has been my third home, but with every visit Los Angeles’ rapid acceleration toward ruin becomes more vivid. There are an estimated 50,000 homeless people in the city alone - but the problem will never be resolved. Why? Because the woke commissioner charged with ending homelessness earns a quarter of a million dollars a year - which eliminates any incentive to solve the issue. This kind of thinking is not exclusive to city hall - variants can be located across Hollywood (naturally), the education system, currently stuck in the grip of radical indoctrination - and of the course, the actual state itself.

So to the recall election of California’s governor Gavin Newsom - very much Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho candidate - scheduled for tomorrow. Newsom used to be a relation of Nancy Pelosi: he milked extensions of this relationship to finance all his hyper elitist vigneron ambitions in Napa Valley. He is completely mental.

Newsom’s challenger is a self-made, conservative black man who, unlike Newsom, knows a thing or two about adversity, having been raised on the streets of South Central Los Angeles. But this is not about Larry Elder - rather about the white, liberal, deeply-damaged Californian who loathes him. During his compelling campaign, Elder has been racially taunted and abused: the LA Times, owned by a South African-born Asian American, described him as the “black face of white supremacy”. But even by the standards of woke privilege (the right to be racist - as a liberal), the events of last Wednesday were extraordinary.

As Elder was walking near Venice Beach with his campaign entourage, a white woman wearing a gorilla mask snuck up behind and attempted to egg him (she missed - even a small amount of synthetic cannabinoids will do that to your co-ordination). But the spectacle: 1) a white woman; 2) dressed in a gorilla mask and; 3) attempting to assault a black man proves that California was way before George Floyd’s time (you could probably trace the psychosis back to the end of the second World War - to the European academic exiles graciously accommodated in Santa Monica).

This is where liberals have dragged race relations. A vicious campaign executed by a Patrick Bateman ringer who wouldn’t be uncomfortable wading knee deep through a Friday afternoon of cocaine against a black man withawkward and thus infuriating perspectives on institutions such as the black family. But a word of caution to any of you hoping - as I do - that Elder will win: in the last week Newsom has drafted a number of Biden / Harris 2020, ahem, “vote specialists” to assist - all graduates of the Robert Mugabe School of Elections.